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Empowering you to achieve your dreams, showcase your success, inspire others and leave a legacy.




A step by step interview process for Women Veterans, Coaches, Consultants, and Creativepreneurs, looking to develop their story, gain visibility, speak to the masses, iMPACT Trillions, and elevate their income

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Ready to get more exposure, publicity, gain more clients, and increase your income?

I'm Your Storyteller Guide

I've helped small business owners overcome their fears, access more clients, and earn a larger monthly recurring revenue.

  • Learn to tell "Stories That Sell," heal, iNSPIRE, and create a greater iMPACT.

  • Build a steady stream of client leads that are qualified and easier to close.

  • Launch your mission as far and wide as possible.

  • Generate more traffic and leads to your website.

  • Use your expertise to draw paid speaking engagements, credibility, and contracts. 

  • Acquire a completed reel and a marketing kit that edifies your professionalism. 

My one and only goal will be to work with you, strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with insane profits.

Founder of SHE VET™Media.


  • Get to know the benefits of working with a marketing strategist who can create a concrete marketing strategy for your company, and get a private consultation and some ‘director's input’ to help you polish your interview skills.

    In addition…

  • Concierge services  

  • You’ll have a completed Television Debut

  • Your interview aired on multiple Cable and Streaming Television channels

  • We'll show you how to share a clear and defined story on multiple platforms

  • Private Coaching & The expertise of a Professional Film Producer/Director

  • A updated Marketing Kit

  • Multi-Media Distribution on multiple media platforms

  • An Interview Reel (s) 

  • A interview on our podcast SHE VET™Talks and much more...

...and, that's not all.

You may be selected as one of the Speakers, or featured during the "Shape Stories That Sell™ Summit.

We’ll broadcast your interview on cable and streaming television and present it to countless attendees on a virtual platform. This is the perfect way to engage participants, and connect with sponsors, and gain new followers.

…what difference would it make if your business or services could have more exposure on cable and streaming television?

As a Media Marketing Specialist, I know what it takes to get your voice heard. A little preparation, the right team, and the right tools will get you there. So, before you lose hope, or get discouraged, contact us to have a professional’s point of view!

What are you waiting for? Let’s Do THIS!  Your extended community is waiting to hear from you, and the world is waiting to meet you!  Fill out the application below, schedule a consultation to get started, and we’ll get back in touch during the next business day!


*The CYOC Summit is produced by SHE VET™ Media's film, marketing, and productions. SHE VET™ Media and its services are provided under the trademark of SHE VET™, iNC.


"Strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with insane profits"

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